EnglishChineseMail System
Quality System
Excellent quality on material selection:
New material
High quality MOS tube
Efficient capacitance
Utilize mute fan
Strict manufacturing process:
SMD double plate
Strict waveform and aging test
Beautiful and reliable antioxidant aluminum
Convenient and useful blister or color box packaging
Perfect after-sales service:
Non-artificial damaged products, replacement old for new
Effective repairing
With professional after-sales service technician
Quality Policy:
The quality policy is the general direction of the company's quality management and the basic quality policies of company, details as follows ;
Standardize operations to control goods' quality
Strict manufacture and prevent undesirable outflow
Strengthen technology training and improve staff quality
Continuous improvement to meet customer needs
Quality objectives
Scrap rate: ≤ 2.5%.
Customer complaint rate: ≤ 0.5%.
Customer satisfaction: ≥ 96.0%.
Achievement rate of on-time delivery: ≥ 90%.
One-time pass rate of delivery: ≥ 98%.